Wake up man

In a train feeling sleepy, but don't wanna go to school. Just lying in a seat and lost on thinking the problems inside me. 
Nowadays i'm in various problems that i haven't found solutions inside me. Trying hard for best future. Life in japan as a foreign student is much more interesting but need to manage everything by oneself. I'm having test tomorrow but without confidence i can't handle it. I had done well in last test but there are so many obstacles behind tests and life so wanna 乗り越えたい everything what come ahead.





Abt me

I worked today up to 12:30 AM. So, feeling too sleepy in class. I don't want to study today n dnt want to miss d class. So so so boring

A word inside me

I used to believe a man who belongs to my fren but i can't believe longer of some disputes. Even i used to believe in everything more than me. But i found an unbelievable thing within him. Think 3 times before u believe someone in that way. I knew a thing that whom u believe too much that person can step backward not in your presence. & in your presence behaves like kind one.

Be aware of those guys

Missed a class today

I m feeling so bored today because of over sleeping . I had missed my first class in my school. Now sitting in library n writing something that i want. Its to hard to study japanese language. I want to get rid of kanjis. N the japanese life is so complicated u can't be free for a second, Almost full. If i want to do something with my friends i can't bcoz of time. Even i m not able to talk wit my family .

Be aware of busy lifestyle guys n don't let u to go there where the busy lifestyle attacks you

Just for fun hahahahahahaha

Second time

I want to sleep this nite but something comes in my mind n cant sleep. I think its only a thinking. When i was in my country i wasn't thinking so but here what is happening to me. When i want to remove it from my mind i can't do it what's d matter wit me. I think its the reaction of not being alone in my country.
I really miss my country, my dad, mom, bro n all my relatives so much. I want to be with frens like there n with my family. これはとても寂しいですね。

Itz me

I m feeling so sleepy this time, break time in class. I don't want to study today and japanese letters make me cry. Sometimes i think that, why i am here and it makes me strong and wants to study